The Director IS Aunt Arctic!
The secret is now out. The Director is Aunt Arctic. When you complete Operation Blackout, the (awesome) video above plays. Also, is it me or in the video does Herbert sound like Mr. Krabs in the one episode where he goes “Squiiiidwarrrddd….Spongebobbbb!!!”

*siren blaring*
*sad penguins turn happy*
*cheering, sirens*

Herbert: (growling) Ohhh? Noooo!!!
The Director: Well done, agent. Thanks to your remarkable skill and courage, Club Penguin is free. Truly…
Aunt Arctic/The Director: You have saved us all. Now you know the truth. And you are worthy of my secret. Keep it well. There is much to be done. And though the road ahead is long…
The Director/Aunt Arctic: The EPF shall rise again.

  • The Director’s Identity
  • Rockhopper Island
  • Tip the Iceberg
  • Rainbow Puffles
  • Shadow Ninjas
  • Snow Ninjas/Card-Jitsu Snow
You’ll also get this furniture item for your igloo, the Covert Agent Station.

85 thoughts on “The Director IS Aunt Arctic!

  1. hey train, the line in the script: “There is much to be done. And though the road ahead is {done}”, “done” is supposed to be “long”.

  2. So were not worthy when we saved the island from sinking TWICE,Beating a gigantic robot surviving a timebomb, BUT WERE WORTH FOR PUSHING A KEY IN TO HOLE AND PUSHING SELF DESTRUCT

  3. You know you’re a Club Penguin fanatic when you react to something like this like you would when there is a plot twist in a dramatic TV show. :)

  4. I’ve noticed something very rare in Club Penguin, all are partners, my secondary account and a partner, I have never put a membership to this account.

  5. I wonder if the CP team will make another Operation Blackout but our enemy is The Director of the RPF(if they will make RPF).

  6. When i closed Chapter 6,and saw that our dear Aunt Arctic is The Director,i screamed!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!XD.The first time ive seen this was on the actual CP,not this site.

  7. That sad music makes us all feel sorry for Herbert, and I enjoy this mission/party. You heard him cry, he was desperate for his plans to go right for once, it shouldn’t end like this. Give him a chance, or else put him in a luxury, warm cell (from which he can’t escape) and give him what he wants at least 50% of it. I’m actually crying.

        • AA: Gary, you do you think is the weakest penguin? Gary: Rockhopper, because I didn’t think he got much right *coughs* and he stole my GF :( *coughs* AA: Rockhopper, you are the weakest penguin, goodybe. RH: I be really gutted I be the first one out, I mean me think me did very well!

  8. Hmm. Hey train, I have two questions for you.
    1: There is a bug that won’t give me the Cover Agent Station, can it be fixed
    2: What if ROOKIE was The Director? -_-

    Waddle on Secret Agents, and be sure to keep this info away from Herbert.

  9. 3 things…

    1. If you were shocked that Aunt Arctic was the Director, you must play Moshi Monsters.

    2. We still need to find out who built the Mine Shack… :3

    3. Ironically, the episode “Squid on Strike” was on Nicktoons yesterday (Wednesday). So ironic :3.

    I’ve always thought it was her and when the Dot rumor came up, I found that rumor ridiculous and stuck by th

  10. Rokhopper island – It’s NOT in mediaserver so i don’t think it will be comming
    Tip the berg – Only if club penguin makes a new berg! :) (you know what i am saying)
    Shadow ninjas – The shadow ninjas will be comming! It’s an confirm! I find in the Club Penguin’s media server

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