Spike Hike Teases Card-Jitsu Snow: Coming In 2013

Spike Hike has just posted the above teaser! By the looks of it, it’s the entrance to the room of employees who are working on Card-Jitsu Snow. He said it’s coming in 2013. But will it be the first half of 2013 or second half of 2013? That we don’t know…yet. This is definitely something to get excited over!

31 thoughts on “Spike Hike Teases Card-Jitsu Snow: Coming In 2013

  1. Fire. Water. Snow. Shadow. A random penguin named Sensei, master of the four elements, teaches people them. The amulet has one element left, the power of the power of Sensei will be open to all penguins. The final journey: Is about to begin. Will YOU become a card jitsu master? CARD JITSU SNOW. COMING TO CLUB PENGUIN 2013.

    That’s my fan-made commercial for it.

  2. Hey Train! Do you think Club Penguin will make Card-Jitsu Shadow?? I hope so. CP already made the IDs and SWFs for the suit, and I saw what the sky at the iceberg looked like if some Shadow ninjas dance at the same time.

  3. i thought that card jitsu snow was coming this year at the party?
    i think there should be more songs and videos,and longer episodes about cp and stuff like that?,but no rapping or anything?,how about an epf song?,or maybe a more stuff like that!!!!
    – Shera54321

    • and i had some other card jitsu ideas to!!!,card jitsu air,card jitsu earth,card jitsu master,guardian,dragon,master of the elements?,stuff like that?,theres a lot of ideas and questions about almost anything and everything.
      – Shera54321

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