On This Day In Club Penguin History – November 7

On November 7th in 2008 there were three updates. The updates were a new pin, a new clothing catalogue, and when it existed, a new wig catalogue. (Previously wigs had their own separate catalogue but wigs were later merged into the clothing catalogue) The new pin was a Snow Shovel and was located at the Forest. It was Club Penguin’s 76th pin. The new clothing catalogue had new items including the Pink Mittens, Purple Vest, Blue Mittens, Green Vest, Chullo, and Ice Cave Background. Re-released items in the clothing catalogue were the Snow Shovel, Pink Pompom Toque, Pink Scarf, Russian Hat, Blue Scarf, Fuzzy Boots, Green Turtleneck, Orange Snowsuit, Pink Snowsuit, Parka, Winter Boots, Snowman Background, Aurora Background, and finally the Snowflakes Background. As for the wig catalogue, it was the last one (see the image below) and featured two new wigs: The Chill and The Flouncy.

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