November 2008 Wig Catalog

This is the November 2008 Wig Catalog. There was two new wigs in this catalog. This was the last wig catalog before it was discontinued and merged with the clothing catalogs.

8 thoughts on “November 2008 Wig Catalog

  1. i know right this catolog was the last wig catolog bty i joined cp in september I WANNA CRY WAHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Can’t the Club Penguin team bring them back? The wigs are better than the Hannah Montana one they made a few years ago. <3-C4R0L1N3

  3. Wow its amazing that some wigs that came out so early are still sooo popular today, like the Flutterby, the Sidetied Too, the Sun Striker, the Fire Striker and the Tuft… I have the Sidetied Too unlocked and its my favorite wig i can wear. (im a non)

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