New German and English Server Meetups

On the German Club Penguin Blog Federflink1 posted some Herbert meetups and on the English Club Penguin Blog Polo Field did the same!

In the German servers, the meetups are: (subtract nine hours for the PST time)

  • Thursday 22, November at 16.30 clock (Central European Time) – Server Handschuhe
  • Friday 23, November at 17:15 clock (Central European Time) – Server Lawine
  • Wednesday 28, Clock November at 16:00 (Central European Time) – Server Matterhorn

In English servers, the meetups are:

  • Tuesday, November 20: Abominable @ 10:30am Penguin Standard Time (PST)
  • Wednesday, November 21: Jack Frost @ 12:15pm PST
  • Thursday, November 22: Mammoth @ 11:00am PST

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  1. Trainman, I don’t do much on the trackers, I know, I am having too much homework, I may start tomorrow or Thursday or Friday however, sorry Train, I am doing my best

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