Herbert P Bear On Club Penguin Operation Blackout Sneak Peek

On the Club Penguin Blog an all new photo of the Ski Villlage and Herbert has been posted. You can see the firetruck, Everyday Phoning Facility on fire, Herbert’s Lair, and of course Herbert himself!

(and note: there’s no spy phone in the picture!)

Herbert will be walking around the island and we need to watch out for his snowballs. It is unknown if he will have a background or stamp.

The following page has been updated:

44 thoughts on “Herbert P Bear On Club Penguin Operation Blackout Sneak Peek

  1. 1. Wow! Looks so scary and big! Didn’t think he’d look like that.
    2. Notice the Phoning Facility hasn’t exploded like in the video. It’s just on fire :(
    3. Notice the folder at the top right. Five days of events maybe?
    4. CANT WAIT!!! :D :D :D

    Also, Train, I don’t understand. Herbert wants the island to be warm, but he’s taking away the sun?

  2. Trainman I noticed something different… On the sneak peek video of Businesmoose on the part of the Ski Village with the Phoning Facility building, it says the normal thing: “Everyday Phoning Facility” but on this sneak peek photo, it says the “Everlasting Putrid Fire” just note it, you could post it on CP Bugs

  3. I noticed two more differences from the sneak peeks – one, in the Game On video we saw the edge of Herbert’s name in game (P. Bear) but now he only has his first name displayed in game. Also, the Ski Village had its lights on in the second sneak peek video – now it doesn’t.

    Also Train, in the final sentence you have ‘is it’ when it should be ‘it is’ – the editor in me is coming out again. : )

    • The picture is from the Spanish Blog. It looks like in English servers he is Herbert P Bear, but other languages like Spanish it’s Herbert. And good eye on the typo and Ski Village! I fixed the typo.

  4. Herbert P. Bear Appearance Confirmed!
    There is a brand new message from the Club Penguin Team, Check it out.

    “By Polo Field on November 14, 2012 – 15:30 |”

    “Hello Penguins!
    There’s been a TON of question about what’s coming for Operation Blackout. And with only a few days left, the one we hear the most is “Will we be able to meet Herbert?”
    And the answer is “YES!” For the very first time Herbert P. Bear will be walking around the island. You’ll have a chance to meet him – just watch out for his snowballs.”

    “Stay tuned to the blog and we’ll update you with some times and servers where he’ll show up.
    Waddle On!
    -Club Penguin Team” (im not a team member!)

  5. She-Ra here!!!!,
    Can you post up the times when hpbs (herbert) going to show up?.
    – Shera54321
    P.S.It is because I want to meet him,and other penguins to,and no rudeness or anything but,all of us “FREE” players say we want to meet herbert!!!!,whoever met him get out!!!!!,we want to meet him to you know?!!!!!.

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