Federflink1 Club Penguin Meetup This Wednesday!

Federflink1, the main blogger on Club Penguin’s German Blog, is having another meetup this Wednesday, November 7th! As you might remember, last month he had a meetup on the island too and enjoyed it so much he’s having another one! The meetup this time around is in the German server Handschuhe at the Snow Forts. The time of the meetup is 16:30, or 4:30 PM Central European Time. If you live in the UK (London, Wales, etc) the time will be 3:30 PM. If you live on the East Coast of the United States it will be at 10:30 AM, and if you want the PST time it will be at 7:30 AM PST.

60 thoughts on “Federflink1 Club Penguin Meetup This Wednesday!

  1. Hmm I’m not German and I don’t speak it,but I might go you know just for fun. The one problem is since I don’t speak it I would have no idea what their saying. I will think it over. :D

  2. It’s too bad that a lot of people in the U.S are in school when federflink1 usually has all of his parties.
    And one more question: How do you get rid of the site title and replace it with an image that you made to tell what it is? Can you post the code for CSS or HTML?

    • Sorry, but you shouldn’t share personal information like your school online. I’m not revealing mine and I removed yours from your comment.

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