Club Penguin Field Ops 107 (Not a Mission)

While normally there would be a new field op, instead there isn’t one this week due to Gary being kidnapped!

Instead, the orders say this:

Attention Agents – I need your help! Someone is inside my lab, and I think that they’re–

*BZZZZZKT* \-connection lost\-

Oh no, we need to save Gary!

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Field Ops 107 (Not a Mission)

  1. I would like to do a little poetry vaguely describing this situation sincerely ElliB:
    Herbert is rearing closer each day soon he won’t be far away.EPF’s you better prepare because all of club penguin is in for a scare.He may be evil and has completed more than one sin, but you know the EPF’ will win.But maybe he will succeed and all of club penguin will have to plead, oh no you’ll have to wait. to see whether club penguin has sealed its fate.

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