Club Penguin Blog Featured Fashions: November 19

After being quiet for a few weeks, Daffodaily5 from the Club Penguin Team has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog, publishing Elite Fashions. She only posted one this time, but also mentioned she saw a lot of Herbert and Klutzy disguises being worn. She posted StarPuffle00’s outfit, which is the following:

Daffodaily5 said this about the outfit:

I spotted StarPuffle00 as I was waddling around, and I thought her outfit was brill! She’s looking super smart in her EPF Suit, kitted out with the latest gadgets. I particularly like the fact that she’s kept her own unique style with the Certain Something hair – and those yellow sneakers are seriously cool right now!

The following page has been updated:

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Featured Fashions: November 19

  1. Spotted many penguins with that outfit, not so original (I think I even saw Saraapril wearing this outfit before) *sigh* There should be a contest of fashion like you said before there were like 2 fashion contests in 2007 right Train? The Camping contest and the Halloween contest

  2. Hey train! THIS IS AWESOME NEWS!!! Don’t know if i told you or not that i live right near the cp building and i walk past it on my way home from school. I was taking a walk ( I’m probably as old as you) When i overheard them talking about a space expedition!!!!!! Get ready penguin astronauts!

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