Club Penguin Blog: EPF Blackout Starts November 15th (Epic Trailer!)

Yesterday Polo Field said a new Club Penguin video was going to be uploaded today, and that has held true! On the Club Penguin Blog he posted a trailer for Operation Blackout, and it’s definitely epic and looks promising. This looks like it’s where the sneak peeks Spike Hike posted (such as the one last night) were from. Here’s the trailer:

The following page has been updated:

67 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: EPF Blackout Starts November 15th (Epic Trailer!)

  1. Wow, this already seems worst than I thought. This is just really, really awkward. :/ We have to go even MORE high tech than before. This is the same old song and dance as 2010. This seems just really weird. All I have to say :/

  2. In the Upcoming Events in your sidebar Operation Blackout still has a ? next to it. Maybe WE are going to Blackout, as Operation Hiberation, we put Herbert in hiberation, Operation Blackout, we make a Blackout???

  3. OMG! In 0:25 Gary is on a tube of water!! Where’s Dot or others? Maybe there will be other 4 more videos that Herbert capturing them???

  4. Train do you have an idea on what those tubes that are obviously connected to the laser are transporting? To me it looks like ice or maybe some rare rock or mineral substance…

  5. Trainman, if you stay in the Pizza Parlor for about 5 minutes you will find PROOF that the new music is a Pizzatron 3000 Remix!! O:

  6. oh u better watch out u better not fight heres the reason im tellin’ you why Herbet has started Blackout….. Oh u better not cry U better not be nice! Heres the reason I’m tell u why Herbert P. Bear is mean!!!

  7. The Everyday Phoning Facility is destroyed. Well, welcome back Sports Shop! Maybe they will have the Everyday Penguins Fart? Who knows? Excuse my “toot toot” reference :). Oh and also, Gary is TAKEN HOSTAGE? Geez, Gary was a tough dude but now he’s a dirt sandwich. Btw the Everyday Penguins Fart would be to inappropriate for little 6 year olds, it was a joke anyway.

    ~Pizza A.K.A Fries2go

    • DUDE! STOP SAYING THE SPORTS SHOP IS COMING BACK! IT’S GOING TO BE A NEW STORE, OR MORE LIKELY THEIR JUST GONNA BRING BACK THE PHONING FACILITY! Sorry for that outburst, it just makes me SOOO ANGRY! That some people think their gonna bring the sports shop back. Obiviously Club Penguin has been planning this for a long time, there’s a new store going there and that is that.

  8. Trainman, wanna meet on CP now? Oh and in case you forgot im from the Lego post and we were arranging a date and time to meet on cp and like each others igloos.

  9. actually cp is planning to bring back the sports shop and every day fonig facillity i know be cause my cousin works there

  10. :O NOW I know why the palm trees in the home page are there! Herbert is turning club penguin into a tropical paradise, and the effects are already starting up! Uh-Oh!

  11. Not gonna lie, this is pretty epic looking so far. I know I’ve ragged on how the EPF story is right now, but this is definitely going to be worth the wait. Still kind of curious as to why it took them 2 years to make, but oh well, it’ll still be worth the wait, I hope.

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