Herbert’s Website Updated Again! (and other related updates)

Herbert’s ClubHerbert.com website has been updated once again! Now there is a photo of Rookie, a screwdriver, and a red button on the bottom right corner!

Oh no! Herbert definitely means business, doesn’t he?!

There are also other Herbert related updates on Club Penguin’s website. There is a new logoff screen. Operation Blackout will start November 15th and end December 4th.

Club Penguin’s homepage is also updated.

Finally, there is a new login screen. Gear up!

28 thoughts on “Herbert’s Website Updated Again! (and other related updates)

  1. Maybe there is a weekly pattern – every week (maybe 2 weeks) he adds something else. Maybe next week it will be JPG, then when it starts the website will be flashing with red lights and Herbert might be there with the Director’s picture up! I see you extended the upcoming updates way down to Dec. 27th!!! Op. Blackout lasts 3 weeks – is it the longest party ever (not including 101 days of fun, stadium games or server testing)?

    • It might be the longest because they have been making it since August 2011 (See Behinds The Scenes 2011, On one of the Computers you can see OPERATION: BLACKOUT)

  2. Trainman, I noticed something when I logged on and went to Clubpenguin.com- I’m not sure why, but for me, the homepage was like the one you posted, but Herbert was in front of it saying something, not sure what though. Also, Herbert will sometimes pop out on the new log-in screen saying “Enjoy the island before I destroy it” like before.

  3. Hey Trainman, I was excatly right xD. Herbert did explode the Everyday Phoning Facility and then built his laser and all his evil things! ;D

  4. She-Ra here!!!!!,
    Why are the rooms in cp all “NEW” and “IMPROVED”,do they have to be “NEW” and “IMPROVED”?,and I heard there was another operation blackout a long time ago,before I even knew and played this game!!!!!!!!!.
    – Shera54321

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