Herbert Spotted In Ghosts Just Wanna Dance Video

What’s that on the left? Herbert, of course! It’s a detail many of us overlooked in the new Ghosts Just Wanna Dance music video by the Penguin Band and Cadence that got released earlier today.

What’s he holding? Not a map…

ThanksĀ @Alessio85047!

22 thoughts on “Herbert Spotted In Ghosts Just Wanna Dance Video

  1. Polo Field officially announced on his blog that the community design is coming next week! He didn’t say what day but he said next week plus comments are going off again because of it! Once again not from me from polofield.net

  2. Train! On polo’s blog he says in the ghost just wanna dance post that club penguin will update the blog next week! Check it! Give me credit please.

  3. Theory: Herbert will make everything dark (results in EPF mission). It will happen for the Halloween party (it will be dark). Card-Jitsu shadow will come (because of darkness)

  4. Trainman! Have you read new Newspaper issue in cp? It says that the storm will be again? Might it be Snow? Card-Jitsu snow…

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