Club Penguin Ghosts Just Wanna Dance Music Video & Lyrics

After several teasers over the past week since the song was first discovered, Club Penguin has released the music video that accompanies the Penguin Band’s latest hit ‘Ghosts Just Wanna Dance’, which also features some vocals from Cadence. You can watch the whole music video Club Penguin uploaded below. Just like with Anchors Aweigh, they did not do the full song for the music video – only half of it.

How do you like the song and music video overall? I think it’s awesome, especially Cadence’s part. Which Club Penguin song to date is your favourite? Vote in the poll below. Lyrics for the song are under the poll.

Which Club Penguin song do you like the most?

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Night falls on the spooky scene
Deck the icy halls in black and green
As the shadows rise here on Penguin Isle
From the darkness there’s a distant scream
Woah, that sounds like it’s getting closer!
Drums are getting louder
Bass is getting lower
Then the shadows spin, you’ll be joinin’ in
But first ya gotta find the keys
Who knows what is behind that door?
Creeping up on the floor

We’re not here to freak you out
We just came to shake it down
Uh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh flip up your hands
The ghosts just wanna dance

Only want to haunt your igloo
Give you chills and party with you
Uh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh flip up your hands
Ghosts just wanna dance

34 thoughts on “Club Penguin Ghosts Just Wanna Dance Music Video & Lyrics

  1. The penguin now, I think it says now your freaking out. (I may be wrong)This song is great! The effects rock. It’s funny when cadence just grabs the penguin and makes him dance. XD

    • I know she is hypnotising us all to listen to her! Everyone is leaving nice comments so she will rule the world! Dont listen to her anyone! JK I love this song

  2. How come all these pictures on the wall point to someone else? Like Ruport Van whatever, (That Disney duck) and that picture of when the penguins open the door? It looks like businessmoose’s grandfather. (Like that other fellow pointed out.)

  3. You know? I think this operation blackout thing isn’t only about the sun. Because on the Party Starts Now, Herbert turned off the light switch. See what I mean?

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