Club Penguin Blog You Decide – New Costumes

Polo Field has posted a new you decide on the Club Penguin Blog. He said the team is busy working on new party concepts and costumes, and as a result we get to decide on an upcoming costume. Here are our choices:

What do you think the party is and which costume are you choosing to vote for? I personally want option two.

The following page has been updated:

38 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog You Decide – New Costumes

  1. Ugh…why are the costumes so out there, these are cartoon penguins we’re talking about…are they even trying to appeal to us? (Awaits hate comments :P)

  2. Is it possible we are having a Time travel adventure party .. With gary and the time machine …… and these costumes look prehistoric …

  3. Looks like bird or dino skulls with fur or feather edges.
    The girls like 1 but we boys like the skulls on 2.
    Nobody liked 3.

  4. Hi fans well I can’t believe I am leaving club penguin I will miss you all. well waddle on with out me.

    your friend

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