Club Penguin Blog: New Pizza Parlour and Clothes Shop Coming Soon!

Polo Field has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog. (although it appears to be deleted) He let us know that the Pizza Shop and Clothes Shop as he called them in the post will be renovated along with new music in the next few days, although I think that’ll be tonight. These room sneak peeks are similar to the ones from the video but you can now seethe complete room, as the original sneak peek only showed most of it.

Pizza Parlour/Pizza Shop

Gift Shop/Clothes Shop

Polo Field also said other renovations are planned (which we know) and that he will be sharing more about them on the Club Penguin Blog soon.

The following page has been updated:

49 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: New Pizza Parlour and Clothes Shop Coming Soon!

  1. I get what happened! You never read my comment. :I saw it before you. Even though my comment was still needing for moderation, can you still put my name (since I found it before you and you never read my comment.)

  2. but you still the complete room? is that a typo? It’s no longer deleted, but back up! Detail: Did you realise that in the Pizza Shop there is a red team cap, a yellow team hand, a green team jersey and a blue team helmet ! One for each team I guess, and there is a trophy too.

  3. New Music?! Awww…I am gonna miss the old pizza restaurant theme. For some reason, that song reminded me of an old show called “Sitting Ducks”.

  4. (If you saw my typo,whoops) Love the new designs for the the gift shop and pizza parlor,yet I will miss the classic looks of the rooms,how about you Train? ;)

  5. Got some news guys! On Twitter,Billybob posted this,”Disney bought Star Wars,what do you think that means?? :)” Do you think there might be a Star Wars party on CP Train?

    • Thats exactly what i was thinking! And they will all put up the mad face while going back and forth trying to get it XD Not really but that would be intersting…

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