Billybob Meetup On Club Penguin!

Today was a bit of a surprise, as Billybob unexpectedly announced he was going on Club Penguin for a little while! He was on the server Cloudy a little over half an hour.

Right when I logged on he logged into the game also. We moved to the Town. Right then there were just five or so people. Within a minute that number quadrupled.

I looked at his stamp book and saw he has 206 pins. Most, but not all.

This was his playercard:

Talking in the beginning:

He then went back to the Gift Shop to buy a mask from the clothing catalogue.

He stayed in the Gift Shop for a few minutes so I figured I would ask about Club Penguin Memories. :P (Hey, if you owned CP Memories you would too lol)

We then went to the Snow Forts:

Then the Pizza Parlour:

The Stadium:

Then after the Stadium we went from the Snow Forts to the Ski Village. Then he played Sled Racing a few times.

We also stopped at the Iceberg:

After the Iceberg he went to the Beacon, Lighthouse, and then logged off. It was a fun filled half hour on Club Penguin!

56 thoughts on “Billybob Meetup On Club Penguin!

  1. I was there too! I saw you there Trainman, but you seemed very interested in drilling the iceberg… Would you meet me on CP sometime? You seem like a pretty down-to-earth guy.

  2. Incredible post Trainman. Nice meeting up with Billybob. I’m not surprised he has seen CP memories. Plus, they must kind of monitor the CP blogs anyway.

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