Right Now Is Your Chance To Be In Club Penguin’s Video! (Now Over)

UPDATE: Moose is now offline.


From earlier, which is now over:


As of roughly 11:00 AM PST, Businesmoose is on Club Penguin in the server Berg (English) waddling around filming the Top 10 Fair Moments video. Hurry online if you want a chance to be in the video!

32 thoughts on “Right Now Is Your Chance To Be In Club Penguin’s Video! (Now Over)

  1. Even MORE good news, before leaving Buisnessmoose said he will be back to film Fair igloos! And asked everyone to decorate their igloo with Fair items! Awesome news to get that Party Igloo stamps :)

  2. Missed him, but went to Saraapril’s iggy and a few people crowded me. I think after 5 and a half years, I’m finally getting known (HALAJUAH)

  3. TRAIN! Polo and Moose just went back on, and Polo said “They stopped working on it (server jumping) for a while”. Well, it’s nice to know CP gives up really hard things…

  4. He was also on Sleet a while ago recording at the iceberg! I was there, and I think he said it would be in the top 10 thingy. :D He had us to throw snowballs at everyone! It was really fun XD. OH, AND HE ALSO TOOK OFF HIS MOOSE HEAD FOR LIKE THE FIRST TIME EVER!

  5. train, I really need views for my website, so I was wondering if I could interview you for it? Like ask you questions about what you’ve got planned for CP memories in the next few moths or something, and I would upload the interview to my site. I would really appreciate it, but you don’t have to do it. I understand it’s a kind of big favor. But I think that an interview with a famous penguin like you would really help my blog

  6. Businesmoose will you be on line anytime soon and what time,server and place btw my name is Captainsmith you might have a friends request cause i met you on sept 25th.

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