Club Penguin Field Ops 99 Cheats

The 99th field op mission has been released on Club Penguin, for the 13th of September. This is the thirty seventh field ops mission for 2012. To start this week’s field ops mission go to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. Then waddle over to the notice area like usual to get the mission’s orders.

Gary’s orders for this week are are as follows:

With the Fair in town, we’ll need to increase island security. There will be large crowds, so we don’t want an incident. Head to the Forest, and power up a security scanner. That’s where the Great Puffle Circus will be. And so shall we.

Go to the Forest as instructed.

Once you’re there your spy phone will start to ring. Click on it. Complete the Field Op mission by powering the chipset. To do this you need to guide the micro battery.

When you finish it, you’ll get a message from Gary. It reads:

Excellent work Agent. With all the craziness of the last few months, let’s hope the Fair comes and goes without any disasters. The last thing we need is a forty foot, magical clown monster attacking the island.

Check back next time for the field ops 100 walkthrough!

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