Club Penguin Fair 2012 Cheats

The Fair has been released!

Table of Contents:

Free Items/Prize Booths

At the Ski Village you can get the (old) Step Right Up background by clicking on the camera.

The nonmember prize booth, like usual, is located at the Forest.

Currently none of the items there are new. More will be added next Thursday. The current items are the Cotton Candy, Paddle Ball, and Flower Balloon Hat.

Outside the Great Puffle Circus there is the member prize booth.

This prize booth has three new items. They are the The Mischief Maker (wig), Mischief Maker Costume, and Curly Mustache. The mustache is very similar to a previous item.

Rooms & Games

The Great Puffle Circus is accessible from the Forest. This is open for nonmembers too.

The Stadium is Bumper Cars.

At the Snow Forts you can access extra games. These are for everyone.

This is the room:

There is a total of eight games you can play around the island! Two of them are members only. Puffle Paddle & Spin To Win are my personal favorites. The games are in the following rooms:

  • Memory Game is at the Forest
  • Spin To Win is at the Dock
  • Ring the Bell is at the Dock
  • Puffle Shuffle is at the Dock
  • Puffle Paddle is at the Forest
  • Feed The Puffle is at the Cove
  • Puffle Soaker at the Bonus Game Room
  • Balloon Pop at the Bonus Game Room

Miscellaneous Things

There are new safe chat messages and jokes for the party.

You can now save your tickets when you log off and back on.

Rookie is visiting. See this page for a tracker.

During this event you can earn four stamps. (to my knowledge)

  • Rookie – Be in the same room as Rookie
  • Explorer (members only, earned by visiting all the decorated party rooms)
  • Snack Shack – Serve snacks from a booth, using any food emote
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a room

How do you like the party overall? I’d love to know!

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31 thoughts on “Club Penguin Fair 2012 Cheats

  1. Wow, really unimpressed =/ Oh well, there’s been LOTS of redecorated parties this year so I guess the Fair was good enough when it was updated last year.
    Also, I think the Explorer pin isn’t member only now :)

    • Nah. I have crystal clear pictures as you call them, but I save them as .jpg to slightly lower the quality so they load faster for people. :)

  2. The Fair does just look like an improved version of last year because they are VERY similar but its still better than other fairs and I love it! I told you there was no disaster!

  3. Search on YouTube nick clegg says sorry the autotune remix.

    You’ll have to do that if you get the background for rookie thing wrong!

  4. The first 3 prizes they give Non-members, I already have two of them >:(

    I got the Cotton Candy and Paddle Ball in 2007. I was really hoping to get non-head items. Hopefully next week they will give new ones!

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