Club Penguin Blog Featured Fashions: September 12

Hooray! After last posting featured fashions on the Club Penguin Blog way back on June 20th (!!! so long ago) some more have been published on the Club Penguin Blog.

Srkate9 has combined different pieces from the costume trunk at the Stage to make this fun and colorful outfit!

Msilva1 mixed some really unique items together to create a sweet style we love!

Purplelion4 is living up to their purple-themed name with these fabulous purple items! Lovin’ the party hat too.

Which outfit that was published on the blog do you like the most?

The following page has been updated:

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Featured Fashions: September 12

  1. 1st. photo… I think i have seen Saraapril wearing these clothes…unoriginal…

    2nd photo… Many non-members wear this, unoriginal again (Although its a rare penguin with rare items so i respect him)

    3rd photo…Party Hat? LOL! That’s not even an Anniversary Party Hat! Also of the purple items… there not even purple items, only purple items are umm…actually the costume…

    To be honest, i don’t like none of those costumes, I would even rather the fashions from this website, ROFL! I even made a Grim Reaper costume (You can see it on the header images) and a new penguin told me “That’s not nice” Just because i was wearing that and also a penguin told me where i got that pin, i told it i found it before during blah blah blah party, and that penguin told me that was not nice… =.= Each CP Generation is getting worse, luckily, there still some people living

  2. hey train!

    I know this isn’t one of your Q&A posts, but do you have a phone? And if so, what kind? You liking the new iPhone 5? Looks interesting.

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