Which Club Penguin Band Member Sings Anchors Aweigh? (Official Club Penguin Response)

Ever since Anchors Aweigh was first found, I’ve been asked more than a few times if I know who sings Anchors Aweigh. I don’t know either, so I decided to email Club Penguin earlier this morning and ask. It turns out even they don’t know, so maybe there’s no set member of the band who sings it.

Here is the response I received from Club Penguin Support:

Hello Trainman1405,
Thanks for asking us about that new song! I’m not sure who sings Anchor’s Aweigh, but you can read about the Penguin Band here:
After reading about the Band, which member do you think is the singer? Do you like the song? What’s your favorite line in it?

Well, who do you think it is that sings it? A lot of you have suggested that it is Franky from what I see. Vote in the poll below, I’m curious to see which member you think would be the vocal artist in the song.

Which Penguin Band member do you think sings Anchors Aweigh?

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29 thoughts on “Which Club Penguin Band Member Sings Anchors Aweigh? (Official Club Penguin Response)

  1. I always thought of Stompin’ Bob as a smooth, easy going, jazz enthusiast. Doesn’t seem to me like it’s him. Seems like Petey K because he seems like a nerd :P and it sounds really awkward in the song.

  2. it is most likley stompin bob cuz G billy is country Franky does not have a voice like that mostlikely and peytey K NAH

  3. i say stomping bob because he is described asa a “cool, confident leader” so wouldn’t he do the most important part of the son, the vocals?

  4. im sure it’s stompin’ bob cuz hes known to be a vocalist but i dont think is franky cuz he cant sing and g billy is a cowboy? and petey k no way cuz hes so
    silly to sing so its rather stompin bob!

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