More Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012 Information – Cursed Volcano

I win at trolling you, Eric :D

Thanks to Eric703 I’ve got a little bit more information about the upcoming Temple of Fruit Adventure Party. You may recall me recently posting several pictures in this post. I’ve got a little bit more information about the party.

It reads:

“Our Club Penguin “Ultimate Jam” party in July was a huge success. Beginning August 24th and running through September 5th we will feature our Temple of Fruit Adventure Party. Along with fruit, our famous Penguin, Captain Rockhopper, has brought a cursed volcano to the island of Club Penguin, Players will attempt to feed the volcano fruit to appease it. During the second week of the party, the efforts to defeat the volcano may be rewarded with the launch of a new game, Smoothie Smash.

MAY be? Spoiler alert: we do. :P Also, how will Rockhopper carry a volcano on his ship? Or will he somehow upset the Card-Jitsu Fire volcano?

38 thoughts on “More Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012 Information – Cursed Volcano

  1. Sounds awesome. So, didn’t you say that the game will have stamps? If you said, do you have any idea how many there would be in total, if u don’t know whats ur guess?

  2. Maybe Snow cone isn’t Smoothie Smash. Smoothie Smash is a lot different from the game on the beta team. That sneak peek picture shows that it might be about Smashing Fruits and then putting them in Ice to make a smoothie!

  3. Reminds me of the Scorn battle. I hope its good, it’d be sad if CP ended an awesome summer with a pathetic fruit party.

  4. There was a different name we believed the game was going to be called. I can’t remember it. “The (something)”?

  5. Hey train, I just found a code online that I’ve never seen before: [removed]. It’s not from the magazine, so do you know where it may be from? It was released in July.

  6. Train, whenever I type in the web browser, I end up in your CP Bugs blog. Does this happen to you or anyone else?

  7. Trainman!!!! i noticed a bug that you can post on! if your puffle is hungry, you will get one of those notification things on the bottom right of your screen. if you click it, you will be sent to your igloo, but the screen will appear to be grey! you cannot move and will have to log off!

    please post it on,

  8. Trainman! If you type up on your buddy list, “Stompin Bob” on a Spanish server, you can add him!


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