Club Penguin Community Page To Get Redesigned

Here is something noteworthy and interesting that was tweeted on Club Penguin’s official Twitter account a little while ago. What updates to the community page do you think the page will have? This will be the first major update to the page since July 2008.

11 thoughts on “Club Penguin Community Page To Get Redesigned

    • No, along with CPIP in 2008 when they released it all in July 2008 it included a renovated website. What upgrades did it get in 2009/2010?

  1. I am not sure what do they mean by ”redesign” but I’ve had it with their ”redesigns” – they are about to ruin the Coffee Shop soon!This is my personal favourite room in Club Penguin.My other 2nd favourite room was the Bookroom until they didn’t ruin it as well! :(


  2. Nooooooo! While it needs a redesign, they just changed the bottom of the homepage, they changed the parent page, they changed the whole Coffee Shop building, Book Room included, and now THIS!

    It better be nice or those penguin butts are ready to be kicked.

  3. I like the new designs and all these updates. It don’t matter to me really. I just don’t really want the same rooms forever!!

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