Club Penguin Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Guide + Scavenger Hunt

The 2012 Adventure Party Temple of Fruit has been released on the island!

Table of Contents:

Free Items

You can get the Yellow Headband at the Cove.

The Red Headband is at the Forest.

The Green Headband is at the Dock.

At the Snow Forts walk up the three sides of the temple. Throw snowballs (fruit) into the mouth 15 times to get a background. Repeat it to get all three.

Yellow Kahuna Background:

Green Kahuna Background:

Red Kahuna Background:

Getting all three backgrounds lets you unlock the Grape Bunch Costume.

Inside the temple (guide below) you can get the Watermelon Costume, Apple Costume, and Pineapple Costume.


There is a special catalogue with two hidden items. Each item costs 50 coins.

Click the middle of the Volcano Costume for the Apple Tiki Paint.

Click the dark dot for the Watermelon Tiki Paint.

Scavenger Hunt and Temple Guide

The treasure hunt needs you to find three fruits. A watermelon, an apple, and a pineapple.

The watermelon is at the Dock.

The apple is at the Forest.

The pineapple is at the Cove.

Now you have the fruits you can enter the temple.

Waddle along the path.

Continue to waddle.

Wait for the cage to lift when it falls on you.

Now you have to hit several targets to light your way.

This is the completed path:

Now this is the area with the rolling watermelon. Nothing happens if it runs over you.

Here is a full room image from Belly18 to help you:

Once you finish that room, you’re at the end! You can get the Watermelon Costume, Apple Costume, and Pineapple Costume in this room.

Miscellaneous Things

Rockhopper is visiting. Check out the post on that here.

During this event you can earn eight stamps. (to my knowledge)

  • Rockhopper – Be in the same room as Rockhopper
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a room
  • Food Fight – Throw your meal in a place where food is found
  • Tree Mob – Get 10 or more friends to dress up as trees
  • Explorer – Visit all the decorated party rooms
  • Party Puzzle – Solve a puzzle at a party
  • Scavenger Hunt – Complete a scavenger hunt
  • Path Finder – Complete a maze at a party

How do you like the party overall? I think Club Penguin did a very good job.

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  1. hey i think its pretty cool but sadly i cant do the cool parts or i can say the member only parts well anyways i hope you make a video so i can see the member only stuff and the member only rooms and adventures

    Maro01,bye hopes for video

  2. train,when you said it was the watermelon ink it was the apple paint,but when you said apple paint you clicked on the watermelon paint,so your mistake. XD

  3. Like I said before, a month ago, this party sounded ‘fruity’ but once it’s released, we like it. Plus it has tons of free (and non-free) items. And all of them are new. Also, you mixed up the apple face paint and watermelon face paint descriptions.

  4. You can change the date on your computer and get the pineapple costume and apple costume early, I saw a guy wearing the pineapple costume (like the advent calendar at the christmas party). I tried it though, and it didn’t work, maybe because i’m using a mac

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