New Club Penguin Game Coming in August

As mentioned on Club Penguin’s official Twitter parent account today, they hinted at next month’s Fruit Party and also mentioned a new game. It’ll be a smoothie making game as mentioned in the Fruit Party article, but what do you think you will do? (besides make smoothies)

16 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Game Coming in August

  1. They said in the press release! “The Drum”! A game about mixing smoothies! Take a closer look at your previous post!

  2. I’m guessing it will be in the forest. It seems right to make a drink machine in the forest (like the cove opening, they had a smoothie stand). And do you think it will stay forever?

  3. This “Fruit Party” sounds cool (as I don’t like the third party ads, I think the items and the idea is cool) and I hope this game is fun :)

  4. Lance Priebe said that “A virtual world shouldnt be crowded with mini games” but CP keeps making new crappy games like bits and bolts, puffle rescue, puffle launch, Pufflescape and others and I think this is one of the reasons he left CP behind…

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