Dubstep Puffle Pin Location

Club Penguin has released their fourteenth pin of 2012! It’s a Dubstep Puffle Pin. You can find it at the Hidden Lake. The last pin that was hidden in this room was the Crystal Ball Pin back in October 2011. This is the fifth pin to be hidden in this room.

How do you like the pin? I think it’s great, but they are HUGE and easy to find compared to 2006 and a year or two beyond that. They seem to be getting bigger and bigger… (click here for a comparison)

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2 thoughts on “Dubstep Puffle Pin Location

  1. I agree, from seeing pictures of older pins, they are very small ex. Horeshoe Pin. I think it would be better if they made them smaller. just to make it a little more difficult. When i first saw this pin on cp, i was like ” can they make it any bigger xD”

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