Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 Information

Here is a little bit of information about Club Penguin’s Ultimate Jam Party that starts three weeks from now on July 19th.

Ultimate Jam (19 July – 31 July) 

Turn it up! Penguins LOVE dancing and music – and this year’s Ultimate Jam is the most epic music and dance party ever. 

There are various stages for role play, new outfits, items to collect in the Music Challenge, dances to learn and show off, and DJ Cadence will perform a clip from her debut single “The Party Starts Now” at the Epic Show Stadium! Plus, special guests Rocky and CeCe, penguins inspired from the hit Disney Channel series Shake It Up, are around to help with some dance moves. 

Penguins are in store for an unprecedented amount of party at the Ultimate Jam.

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 Information

  1. Trainman1405, there is a secret about dancing at the party: Dubstep: Get another 9 penguins to dance with you at the Plaza, Town, Night Club or Snow Forts during the Music Jam, and the Dubstep Puffle will appear to dance with you! It is on Page 11 of the new magazine issue!

  2. Wow this information is really helpful , but the catalogue didnt come out yet and it is already July 5th!

  3. WOO HOO!!! oh oh yea best party ever woo hoo hoo *sees this is being shown on the screen* oh um hehehehe i cant wait for it. I got a big crush on cece (from the show)… So i wanna meet her bad.

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