Club Penguin Blog You Decide: Costume Item

Club Penguin is holding one of their rare ‘You Decide’ events on the Club Penguin Blog where you vote for an item! We were given these three sketches of possible items. You then need to go to the community page of Club Penguin’s website and vote in the poll. Which catalogue do you think it’s for? Clothing? The Stage’s Costume Trunk?

While the poll is fairly new, the Pizza Costume is definitely in the lead. Which are you voting for?

The following page has been updated:

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog You Decide: Costume Item

  1. I love when CP does this! My theory is that it’s for the Halloween party (Monster Maker Catalog?) or the October 2012 catalog. I really can’t decide… hmm… not the alien, because there’s already the alien costumes from planet Y and it looks too much like squidzoid… not the tree, I think if they do that costume the bark should cover the bottom of the penguin too, so I guess pizza it is!

  2. I choice the pizza costume because its in the lead and pizza is the best food to eat and its the first time they put a pizza costume and i hope they had a monster catalog for nonmembers to get spooky monster costumes during the Halloween party this year which is coming soon in October.

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