7th Issue of Club Penguin’s Magazine Released (Igloo Issue)

After just recently launching the Club Penguin Magazine in Brazil, the seventh issue of the magazine has been released in stores across the United Kingdom. This issue is an igloo special. As usual I have been provided the contents of it by Bloxxerman.

Hi Train! Here’s the contents for issue 7! I also attached a picture of the cover, a picture of the sneak preview of next month’s party, and the sneak preview of next issue! All taken with my shiny new camera! XD


  • Welcome to Club Penguin!
  • Flipperazzi: Gary
  • Puffle of the Month: Orange Puffle
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: Animal Antics
  • Invitation: Weather Warning! (see image below)
  • Comic: Igloo Wars
  • Cadence’s Catwalk: Great Outdoors!
  • Penguin Profile: Rory
  • Penguin Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Igloo?
  • Penguin Challenge: Home Improvements!
  • Cool Cribs: Potty About Puffles
  • Posters
  • Top 10: Funky Furniture!
  • Penguin Mission: Neighbourhood Watch!
  • Penguin Challenge: Pizza Delivery!
  • Comic: Popcorn Movie!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • VIP (Very Important Penguin)
  • Next issue sneak peek (see below)

The next issue is a tropical special. It will include 1,500 coins, a free find four game, the Tribal Costume will be the free item, (see this post for an image) and like usual there will be a treasure book item of your choice. The issue will also have articles such as a Castaways Comic, a profile about Rookie, surfing puzzle, sea monsters, and will showcase outfits and letters. Issue 8 of Club Penguin’s magazine will be out on August 23rd.

Here is the weather warning mentioned above:

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  1. It came out in Brazil?!
    Did it start from the first issue or did they just continue with the current issue?

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