Magazine Item Images

Here are two unlockable items, the Tribal Dress and Toga. They’ll be from Club Penguin’s magazine issue that is released next week. The items were added to Club Penguin’s item database when they released the Ultimate Jam yesterday but the files for the clothing were not out at that time. The files are now out though, so I am able to supply pictures of them.

Tribal Dress:


4 thoughts on “Magazine Item Images

  1. Train, the first one (as far as I know) is NOT released with the next issue of CP Mag. The two items next mag are the Roman Toga and a Laurel Leaf Crown. The first one may be in there, but it’s not been announced!

    • That item is coming out in issue 8 of the mag it will be released to go along with the adventure/tropical/fruit party thing that’s happening on August 22nd.

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