Trainman1405 Birthday Party Videos and Pictures

Above is a video of my birthday party earlier on Club Penguin today, as edited by Tech163 from CheatsWhiz, where I also blog. There was a huge turnout at the party, so thanks for coming! At one point the server crashed for some, including me. There was tons of lag, too! Great job on that one, haha.

Here is a second one from Loki Terry, also a part of CheatsWhiz.

What was your favourite part? Special thanks to 9johncena and Waltdisney6 for donating coin codes to give out!

Here are a couple screenshots. If you’ve got any more, I will add them!

41 thoughts on “Trainman1405 Birthday Party Videos and Pictures

  1. sorry i couldn’t make it because i went on but then the server crashed and it wouldn’t let me back on :(

  2. Train why can’t you add anymore?!?!? If you have 200 only I think that’s a bug cause I have 500+ now soooo please fix this so you can add me and I can go to your house and see your stamp book!!!!

    • Since 500 is the limit and my list is already buggy enough, I keep it at 499. I do constantly delete inactive penguins to add more people though.

  3. Sorry Train, I promised I would go, but it was 3 A.M. for me. I only woke up at 4:04 A.M. :( Could you have a second party? It’s worst case scenario :(



  4. Hey Trainman! I am just wondering if you could organize a party where you add friends. Although I do recall you saying at your b-day you are full. If so, do you think you could ask Graser or Tech or Happyblue. It’s a 99.9% I’ll never find you or the crew. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I was trying to add ALL of the crew last night but no-one accepted. That said, thx for the postcard and please once again think about this. If you can’t, my name is Blue 28z and i MYSELF have a CP Cheats blog. Anyways, I was saying just add me through the friends search bar. It would be my dream to wake up one morning and find the team my friends: best friends! Nice Site – Blue 28z :)

  5. Im sorry i really wanted to come but i was really busy but happy birthday! are you going to have another party soon?

  6. Hey Train! I was there! :D
    I Was the penguin that gave you a duck as a gift, his name is quackers, he loves biscuits but he hates cats ok? :3
    Brilliant party and I hope you had a great day too!

  7. Oh and I had a top hat, black suit, bow tie, black mask and black sneakers and I was purple :3
    P.S Sorry for double posting!

  8. I was on then when the party started my Mom said I was on CP too much and I didn’t even go on that day. Lol

  9. Hey I went to the party and I was so confused! Trainman please tell me who Graser 8 is? Every time I could click on you I just sent you a friend request you probably have 50 from me LOL! Best party ever! Even better than Disney’s stupid club penguin parties. Can we enjoy a month without Club Penguin changing into a whole different place

  10. Hi trainman! that was a great party ,remember me? i already post one comment ,for most of the party i was the spiderman penguin with balloons and a party hat ,i gave you thors hammer as a gift (i swear i didnt tell him i was repairing it and then give him a new one instead)ah man good times good times so whens your next party gonna be? i cant wait for it! P.S. awesome igloo! ill drop by as soon as the liking feature comes out and rate it 1 million (if thats an option)

  11. Sorry i couldn’t make it :( I have something to say though today i found Loki Terry on a random club penguin server (not a cpps) ex. Arctic Abominable etc. Anyways me and him were close friends until my other account got banded but he recolonized me I said I bet you don’t remember me and he said I DO ! and i said it’s been so long but since he’s allways busy lol and this is the funy part he logged off and I’m like -.- But it was funny anyways i am so sorry for not coming i forgot what server it was and your inviantation was removed so yeah and it was 5:00 PM. est when i got home (I am in est) and so yeah sorry about :)

  12. Just one question, Graser has the best tracking chat in the world and you say you find famous penguins randomly or from another site. Wouldn’t it be easier for Graser to get on your Penguin and meet them in less then 10 minutes?

  13. I was there for a short time, then I had to go somewhere. But, it was still fun while I was there! :) You can see me in the second video when the crowd was in the Dance Club (I was in the bottom left hand corner).

  14. Man, i really wished i could had make it, and also, the coin code, i was in graduation from school, and thanks for wishing me fun in the graduation, i really enjoyed it, and i hope you make another party, yet i hope to meet you one day

    Happy late B-day Trainman! :-)

  15. OMG!! im in the vid!!! im in the part with the ski lodge attic lol!!!! awsum bday btw. i couldnt stay the whole time cuz i had to go… but i saw alot of it! grrr missed the night club part…someone should organize an event for fourth of july! if cp has fireworks, we could all meet by ski hill or iceberg… theyre usually viewable from there! :)

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