Price and Name Changes around the Island

There have been a few price changes between igloos and furniture items today, and I figured I would point them out. The Ninja Catalogue got a very small update today. Originally the Dojo Igloo cost 5,000 coins as shown below.

However,it now costs 1,300 coins. This is the only change in the Martial Artworks catalogue. I wonder why Club Penguin decided to change it out of the blue?

Other igloo price changes include:

  • Cave Igloo went from 2,500 coins to 1,500 coins

Furniture price changes include:

  • Stereo went from 1,800 coins to 650 coins

Finally, Club Penguin renamed two furniture items.

  • Hot Drink Machine renamed to Hot Drink Maker
  • Mail Box renamed to Mailbox

Again, this is nothing too major, but I felt it was noteworthy.

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