Happy77 (was) Hanging Out On Sherbet



The server will be full in 3…2…1…boom! I was there and hanging out. She was there for about twenty minutes. If you’ve got any pictures, feel free to send me them and I’ll add them to the post!

Her Marvel outfit:

In the Pet Shop:

In the Plaza:

Close up in the Pet Shop:

Stamp Book:


Happy77 never got the Superhero Pin. She also needs the Supervillain Pin.

Book Room:

…and then she left:

Other pictures:

Snow Forts and Book Room by @GoldTommy10:

Like a boss by @Digo900:

Plaza by @Jake1backupV

35 thoughts on “Happy77 (was) Hanging Out On Sherbet

  1. well, they can add pins when they want to.. when i saw businessmoose he had 170 pins, then when he came back he had all of them O_O

  2. Train, I don’t know if this is mega important but in the CP Magazine, issue 6, in the penguin styles part on page 2/3 and it says that the Pop Princess Outfit is available, the white diva glasses are available and that the spikette is a hidden item? But they aren’t in the current catalog so does that mean they are going to be released in the next Penguin Style Catalog out July 5th? O_O?

  3. Trainman! I was in a spanish xat and a famous guy named Danpenguin gave 2 sneak peeks of the penguin games in august! This is the 1st one, it is the homepage: [link]

    The second one i dont know which room is but looks like the Dock [link] , give credit to Danpengui! I can give you the link of his blog if you want to give him credit, http://www.danpenguicp.com/ is danpengui’s site, give credit to him! its not mine, its of him, so maybe there will be really a greek penguin games in august! I had this idea for so long…

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I found where he got the images from so I’ve made a post.

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