Get a Club Penguin Membership For Free (One Week)

So….do you want a free one week Club Penguin Membership? Who doesn’t! All you need is an email address to create an account. Simply to go this website. The website is in German though, so I’ve embedded a video below to watch so you know how to get your free one week membership. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Special thanks to @Superjd10_ for this.

30 thoughts on “Get a Club Penguin Membership For Free (One Week)

    • I understand! Its losing CP Money! I have just got 3 week codes. Thats around £3.20 of their money down the drain. But then the German site offering these must be charged $1.50 whenever we request a code. Hey ho! Its a freebie!

  1. Doesn’t work anymore :|

    I guess I’ll have to buy a membership for Music Jam instead of getting a free one!

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

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