21 thoughts on “Even @bellathorne knows Rocky and Cece are coming to Club Penguin

  1. Wait a minute….. the name ‘Cece’ is already tooken on Club Penguin, how are they going to make the name available to the Mascot ‘Cece’? the name ‘Rocky’ is not tooken but how about ‘Cece’

  2. Hey Trainman! On the Club Penguin wiki its says that there will be a Phineas and Ferb Summer-Kick Off next year!

  3. Trains right. Club penguin wikia said that the “phineas and ferb summer kickoff party” would come to Club Penguin on June 21 2013 to come with the phineas and ferb two part special “where’s perry?” but thats supposed come THIS year, and in July/ August! Plus, cp wikia listed a ton of items to go along with the party. If those were items coming, train would’ve found them in the files. So, cp wikia is LYING!

  4. yeah his right plus they are all rumours plus if you go to the dojo front and look in the top left corner you can see very dark clouds what do you think trainman and guys

  5. I can’t wait to meet the two characters of shake it up in music jam because this year’s music jam is going to be epic.

  6. Man, I really love the traditional and classic music jam! I have been n cp since april 2008 and i loved the music jam nowadays! if they change the music jam, i hope this doesnt affect everything, i mean, they should have JUST make a room (preferable a party room) to advertise shake it up and make your mark: ultimate mark!

    Hope it doesnt affect the traditional and classic music jam :-(

  7. No…no…I crossed my fingers, hoping it wouldn’t happen, so hard that they hurt…and it is happening…why…why…

  8. maybe if everybody starts emailing complaints to cp about them coming on cp, maybe,(just maybe) they will do something about it

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