Congratulatory EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy

Here is an all new uplifting message from Jet Pack Guy! Take a look:

Great work everyone – keep it up! These Super Villains are no match for the Elite Penguin Force!

That’s all for now! Only two more weeks of Super Villains!

11 thoughts on “Congratulatory EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy

  1. TRainman,i think i got a other clue that Aunt Arctic could be the EPF or PSA leader :D check out this weeks Cp times issue and go the Ask aunt arctic section, then read what she answers back to that penguin.
    Its about secret things, secret identity’s

  2. I sent an email to club penguin, about the Music jam party and Shake it up. Here the answer:

    While not completely true, these rumors do bring up some valid points. There will be two visitors to the island for the Music Jam Party, but they will not be mascots. These two visitors are just here to help make the party bigger and better than ever! I am sure that once official posts have been made on the What’s New blog, all will become clearer.

    I understand that you do not like the fact that Disney has been influenced by other ‘universes’ but I can assure you that the party will be awesome. If I can’t convince you of that now, be sure to waddle by when it comes to the island and check it out for yourself!

    I really appreciate the feedback that you have given me today. We are always eager to hear what our penguin pals are thinking. We want to provide the events and content that you would like to see!

    If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to let us know in your next email. We are always here and happy to help in any way that we can.

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