Club Penguin Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012 Sneak Peek Images

Happy77 has given us a juicy new post on the official Club Penguin Blog. It has to do with next month’s party, the Mark Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012. This party was previously called the Music Jam.

Here is a sketch sneak peek of the Town for the party next month. It starts on July 19th.

Happy77 also revealed (although many of us know already) that Rocky and CeCe from Shake It Up will be on the island during this party in addition to Cadence.

There are others surprises in July too, according to Happy77. What do you think they are? I want to hear your predictions!

The following page has been updated:

31 thoughts on “Club Penguin Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012 Sneak Peek Images

  1. This actually… doesn’t look too bad! I was expecting it to be some fantasy teen pop world for kids but this actually looks pretty cool :3
    I was doubting CP and I thought they would ruin the Music Jam but I guess this won’t be so bad at all? :)
    I hope they bring the Penguin Band though, if they don’t that may mean they won’t make an appearance all year!

  2. oh no oh no….no no no no…and no again…

    Rocky Cece….no no no no no…

    I dont want them in my stamp collection…EVER…I worked too hard to get 304 stamps out of 306…not to have to COLLECT THEM!!

  3. Ya it doesn’t look too bad, but I really wanted to see the Penguin Band, you can’t have any type of music or dance party withouth them. And I hope CP doesn’t make a stamp or background for Rocky and Cece, who are two fictional character played by real people. Not like any CP mascots who will never exist, C &R will get old and be forget when their show goes off the air in a couple years when new things are cool, Hopefully, CP will be able to adapt unlike a TV show would.

    • yeah i wonder what the free item would be :D we are going to be able to unlock dance mobes so maybe the boombix

    • yes i think that the penguin band will be there to OR there could be a water party with the Pband in august.

  4. I hope Rocky and CeCe are the ONLY mascots from people in real life shows that will be in club penguin, although the town looks cool, and i hope the penguin band comes, i wanted to add the penguin band as friends and get petey k, stompin bob and g billy stamps, i have franky’s stamp though

  5. Hey Trainman, I think I noticed something. Look at 28 seconds into the igloo expirence video… you can see a chair that i have never seen before. Has it been released and im just missing something… or is it a new chair? Note: Chair with pillow…

  6. I think the Penguin Band may come to the party too! You can see them at the magazine cover page, and about Rocky and CeCe, they look pretty and have good graphics (Rocky is the one looks more prettier, actually more pretty than any other female mascot penguin)

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