Club Penguin Blog: New Igloo Experience Coming Soon

Billybob (who appears to be making more posts on the Club Penguin Blog recently) gave us a very quick teaser image and mentioned igloo updates are coming, which I’ve spoiled over the past week. Billybob told us there are some big updates coming to Club Penguin over the next few months, and he said the Marvel Super Hero Takeover is just the beginning of it all.

In the teaser image you can see Happy77 holding some blueprints. Here’s a fun fact – this has been Happy77’s igloo design since at least February 2008.

As stated by Billybob, who will give us more information soon:

In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a brand new igloo experience that will make it easier than ever to decorate your home! One of my favorite features is something you’ve been asking for a long time… Now you’ll be able to save multiple igloo designs!!

I can’t wait!

The following page has been updated:

11 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: New Igloo Experience Coming Soon

  1. it looks like when we read the newspaper, we actually hold the paper so other players know we are, but in this they can see that we are changing our igloos

  2. Hey! Billybob must of just saw your comment and approved it because it was posted 1 minute after the post was made? xD

  3. Hey, trainman :D Billybob added me :D im his friend now xd yay xd i just used that billybob name glitch to send him a friend request and he finnally accepted it :D best party ever xd

    • This glitch is already like 5 or 6 months old, u put the ö in billybob so u get this : billyböb
      i have send billybob like 3 friendrequest a week and this week he was online, so i got luck and he accepted it :D now i hipe happy77 will accept my friendrequest to xd and billybob his igloo is also filled with old items like happy77 igloo.

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