Why Penguins Purchase Club Penguin’s Magazine

Here’s a little humour to start the weekend. I might have exaggerated it a little bit…

34 thoughts on “Why Penguins Purchase Club Penguin’s Magazine

  1. not true i just love reading the magazines and getting the pencil cases and stuff like in this months issue!

    • O my God! Are you from India? Me too! I never tought I would meet another Clubpenguin plaer from India.
      What you say is true because tere is nothing-absolutely nothing in Indian stores from Club Penguin

  2. I’d probably be the person that collects Club Penguin merchandise, I think collecting things whether it be toys, or shiny gems, is fun.
    P.S I think you’re right, a lot of people do just buy them for the codes :S

  3. Like for example, (and I know I may sound childish, but I’m not) I have plushies, and just about every figure from Series 1-9 (missing only 4, lol). Not for the codes (because with all those flippin’ things, the codes can have you unlock stupid things that I don’t want or everything in the book that you already have unlocked.), but because they are fun to look at (don’t ask).

  4. I hope CP never brings the magazine to US so I can keep laughing at You, because you already have all the nice merchandise there. I dont have anything here in Finland! Shame on you!

  5. Hey Train, I though you’d take interest in this post from my website. Notice the end part. If you post, credit Club Penguin Factz, instead of just one person like me or DJ Stores.

  6. Trainman1405 did you notice that rockkhoppers ship in the beacon is gone! I emailed club penguin and they said rockhopper was checking out the beacon we made at shipwreck island!, i hope this is usefull :)

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