Third Room Sneak Peek Of Superhero Party + Information

Remember those two pictures of the Super Hero Party practically every Club Penguin Blog has posted? I found a third one… ;-)

Some party information that I have previously not posted:

  • The entire island will be a city
  • During the party players can enter all the rooms except the roof, which is above the fort, where the partners will face off against a giant robot that threatens to destroy the city (could it be Protobot?)
  • In the prison room there is a free villain background. In the press conference area there is superhero stuff. In the Pizza Parlour you can win other prizes if you work together with others
  • will supposedly be a new page on the website in the near future

Special thanks to Nene8888 for bringing some of this to my attention.

15 thoughts on “Third Room Sneak Peek Of Superhero Party + Information

  1. It’s the command room because there’s the table and there are entrances to go to the mission room and go out.

  2. HEY TRAINMAN :D do u remember that secret video at the EPF tv ? when every seat is filled with a penguin on it, then the tv will show us a secret video AND in that video u can see the SAME picturs of the Beach and the Cove like in this sneak peak video ( look at the left top of the picture ) :)
    So, maybe the EPF could be involved with this party or its maybe a part of the next EPF mission ? idk :)

  3. Thats DEFINATLY the command room

    I think it could be probot because hes a bit quiet since
    appearing in that Ds game

  4. i believe that Protobot will be at this superhero party, and yes maybe protobot has taken over the EPF command room ( im not sure about this but its possible )

  5. You missed a part :)
    1. Wear completely new costumes: all players will have the posibility to get costumes of citizens from the Gift Shop, to dress up as policemen.
    2. Meet new famous characters: the most luckiest players will have a chance to meet Aunt Arctic in the new office of Club Penguin Times. This famous reporter will follow near the battles between superheroes and supervillians by the entire cold island.

    Well this info I translated it by myself from a webpage with this sneak peek but in spanish. Hope this help you ;)

  6. That definitely is the EPF Command Room (based off of the Field-Op symbols and screens at the top). But since they protect the island, why is it evil? Time will tell I guess.

    • I think I might know! Protobot (I said the right bot, right?) takes over the island along with the other bad guys. Since he HATES the EPF, I bet he took over that first before the whole island.

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