Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 Rooms Preview

Thanks to Venadito 007 from Club Penguin Fiesta, I have obtained two images of next month’s Super Hero Party, in which Marvel takes over. The images below have been watermarked to prevent copying.

Here is the first room, most likely a special party room. There is a giant robot!

The second room is a spaceship above the Club Penguin island, as in the top left you can see the island out the window. You can see some penguin outfits in the image, too.

I’m excited for this party! Are you? Once again I thank Venadito 007 from Club Penguin Fiesta for these awesome pictures!

43 thoughts on “Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 Rooms Preview

  1. cool also hey train did you know cp is distributing defective toy codes? yea i bought a 3 pack of puffles only 2 of the coin codes worked the 3rd said “were sorry this code has already been used” so yea could you maybe do a scoop on that problem

  2. Im not sure, but that robot in the first picture , it reminds me of a Robot of “Phineas And Ferb” :P and the second pic is ofcourse a picture of the Secret hidout ( or a space ship ) of the heroes :D….Where did he found those pictures ?

  3. HEY, look at the Robot at the second picture :D ( the yellow robot ) , u can see a X with a circle around it , so that spot is his weakness, if u hit the robot there, u will be able to defeat it. I also think that the Robot runs on Elektricity, so the robot needs lots of energy from the island so….Maybe the party is just a part of the Upcoming EPF mission ? idk but when more information about the party is revealed,i will post my best theorie here :D :)

    • I disagree for the first picture because it says 20:00 that’s not a time. It could just be a countdown or something.

    • Actually i think thats not the snow forts at the first picture, i think its a party room because, at the time could be likely a bomb about to explote and the second picture, it looks kinda the same as the EPF command room, also of the table, the tube is there, which it could be the VR Room but in a part i dont trust the 2nd picture because:
      1. Where could penguins exit from the EPF command room if it really was?
      2. The windows have like space background so it must be a spaceship so maybe Train is right.

      I dont know if it could be true but thats what i think

  4. Hey if u beat Scorn already and u want to face him again, click the broken statue of Scorn of the mountain where u battle him!

  5. HEY TRAIN I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT!!!! I BET THE SECOND PICTURE IS THE SECRET SUPER HERO BASE INSIDE THE The the … that purple thing that is crashing down at the telescope the big telescope.

  6. Train, what do you think? Mimo posted recently blogpost about these two pictures and I cant freaking understand how he can say “Check it out! I’ve found some super cool photos of the Super Hero Party coming in NEXT MONTH in June!”

    There is no way that he found them. How someone can be so greedy and not give credits?

    What do you think? [Everyone is allowed to answer]

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