Still Access Some Medieval Party Rooms

The Medieval Party may be over but you can still go to the Tree Forts and first Knight’s Quest!

To log in to the Tree Forts, use this link:

To log in to the first Knight’s Quest, use this link:

Thanks Echo 006!

Update: Here are more, as supplied by Phineas99:

Second room for the first Knight’s Quest:

Sky Kingdom:

Lava Falls:

Bridge of Destiny:

Mountain of Misery:

27 thoughts on “Still Access Some Medieval Party Rooms

  1. Trainman! If you will fight wit Scorn or whoever he is wit NON-MEMBER account – You will get Crown pin!!!!!!!

    • As pointed out by Dhi228 and checked by myself, yes the some of the links aren’t working. Club Penguin probably noticed a large amount of penguins going to party rooms that shouldn’t be accessed. So, they fixed (or patched) the links when you try it, it won’t work. Club Penguin usually does this after a party, so basically you can expect it! Hope I helped!

  2. BAD NEWS! Actually all links don’t work anymore! I don’t know why club penguin fixes awesome, fun, and great glitches and cheats but they don’t do something with the bugs! THERE SO MANY OF BUGS RIGHT NOW! AND EVERYTIME! EXAMPLE: AUNT ARCTIC SHOWING ON YOUR BUDDY LIST THAT SHE IS ONLINE WHEN SHE IS NOT, man, club penguin should fix the bugs INSTEAD of awesome tricks, example of a lot of great glitches;cheats;tricks that they were fixed: Talk with newspaper, 1’000,000 coin glitch, clone glitch, walk with newspaper, use multiple penguins on a same computer, walk on walls, be invisible, etc. Many great glitches huh? Now look at the bugs: Misspelling words on newspaper, and many more, showing a friend on your buddy list when its online and says its not your buddy, or being offline when its ACTUALLY with me! And many more, annoying bugs ._.

    The link to go to Rockhopper’s ship doesn’t EVEN work! And normally, the link to rockhopper’s ship doesn’t work during parties, and no party is happening, i tried it because the ship may be with the rockhopper quest ship, you know the map, and the islands may bring you to medieval party rooms, but since it doesn’t work, none can enter =/ Sorry if this was a very long comment

  3. I’m glad this is a WordPress site that I comment on because sometimes I forget to change my gravatar! (I better change it now!)

    By the way: I’m making a new video soon with Medieval Party memories! I’ll let you know when it’s done! :)

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

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