New Unlockable Items: Sumo Belt & The Sumo

Just about one month ago I posted about the Life Jacket Returning and listed some new exclusive items. One of the items, the Stealth Tracker, has already been released. The Sumo Belt and Sumo Wig have not yet been out, however I am being led to believe they are now since the artwork for them now exists in Club Penguin’s files.

The Sumo is a head item.

The Sumo Belt is a body item.

Here it is on your penguin: (Thanks Safej16!)

Update: It is for the June 2012 Club Penguin Magazine. (Thanks Pengumile!)

18 thoughts on “New Unlockable Items: Sumo Belt & The Sumo

  1. I would like to let everyone to know that those two items will be available on next week Thursday when new cP magazine comes out.

    Last page of the CP Magazine May issue has a penguin wearing exactly the same items!

    “2 unique clothes item”

  2. I can’t wait to get the next issue! It comes with a lot of stuff, it’s like the 1st issue all over again! :D

  3. HEY GUYS, I KNOW THE IDS FOR THE ITEMS IN SOME CPPS, “The Sumo” Hair id is : 11403
    and the “Sumo Belt” id is : 14609

    However, it may appear a “X” in your inventory so maybe thats because its is yet not officially launched, revealed and released so it may show when its released.


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