Meteor In Club Penguin’s Telescope + More Marvel Stuff

Two noteworthy (but small) Club Penguin updates – the meteor is now in the regular telescope!

Also, Club Penguin has updated their homepage advertising the Marvel Super Hero Takeover:

Club Penguin also added a button to redeem membership cards on the homepage. Thanks B100!

There is a new login screen:

Finally, Club Penguin launched

There is a short commercial video you can watch:

You can also learn more about the heroes and villains and download wallpapers:

The following pages have been updated:

5 thoughts on “Meteor In Club Penguin’s Telescope + More Marvel Stuff

  1. You could see the meteor in the telescope from the Medieval party, but I thought it was the Rockhopper’s Quest telescope picture but I guess I was wrong.

  2. In the commercial thing if you pause when the camera is on the TV you can see some of the party rooms. One is that robot one then one is the town, and the others have no idea P:

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