Medieval Party 2012 Guide

The 2012 Medieval Party is on Club Penguin!

Table of Contents:

Free Items

There is one free item for everyone, the Noble Helmet. The rest are for members. There are quite a few free items throughout the three Knight’s Quests in addition to around the island.

At the Ski Hill (Mountain) everyone an get the Noble Helmet.

On the way to Scorn the Dragon King you can get the Noble Cape.

When you defeat Scorn you get a Pin.

In the final room after Scorn you can get the Skyward Staff.

Medieval Catalogue

There are many items you can buy from the Medieval Party Catalogue if you’re a member. It is located in the Gift Shop. There are two pages of items. The sword does a special dance. Thanks Pen50gi!

Click the M in Medieval for the Yellow Tabard (250 coins) and Yellow Shield. (350 coins)

Click the Red Tabard for the Purple Tabard (250 coins) and Purple Shield. (350 coins)

Defeating Scorn the Dragon King

To get to Scorn you need to collect three magical items around the island.

The first one is the Slingshot Stick at the Dock.

The second one is the orbs at the Beach.

The third one is the Cursed Stones at the Ski Village.

Go up to the Mountain and enter through the door.

Waddle over the Bridge and you’ll be here. Are you prepared for battle?

How to defeat the Dragon King:

  • Use your mouse to aim your slingshot
  • Hit many spheres at once for more powerful attacks
  • Do not give up – you must win!

I shall!

Follow the directions. Just move your mouse around to hit the orbs. That’ll inflict damage on Scorn. You can see the progress bar dip down at the top. You do get coins for this.

Defeated at last!

Peace is being restored!

Victory is yours! You have defeated Scorn and saved the kingdom! Now cross the bridge into the Sky Kingdom, and bring peace back to Club Penguin…

Waddle to Sky Kingdom.

This is Sky Kingdom. If you get five penguins to light up the gems a rainbow appears.

To enter the Sky Tower, you must hold the Skyward Staff. Claim one for your heroic deeds!

Knight’s Quest I

First of all, head to the Cave for the Knight’s Quests.

The first Knight’s Quest is a repeat. In the first room, stand on the five platforms and light up all the orbs.

In the second room hit 50 targets. Be sure to pick up the free item!

In the final rooms it’s a maze. Be sure to pick up the other free item! The answers to the maze are:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

After you finish the maze you’ll be brought into the final room. Pick up your final armor piece!

Knight’s Quest II

The second quest, like the first one, is the same. In the first room, throw snowballs on the four torches to extinguish the fire.

In the second room slide the key around until it hits the lock.

In the next room, pick up the Noble Horse item.

In the final quest room fill up the barrel by throwing snowballs. Use the cannon to hit the dragon with water.

After that, you’re in the final room! Pick up the free Toothbrush pin!

Knight’s Quest III

Welcome to the third Knight’s Quest!! In the first room it involves a puzzle. You need to watch the three gems.

It’ll tell you to find a certain gem. Waddle on the tile you think it which cup it’s under. You need to get it correct three times to move on.

After that, use the buttons to move the gates down. Eventually you’ll be able to access the next room.

Get the shield in this room…

Now for the hydras! This can get laggy so feel free to use the buttons on the right!

It’s simple to beat the hydras. Throw a snowball at the red hydra, a snowball at the cauldron to pour the lava on the blue hydra, and the yellow hydra’s beam is reflected back at it if you wear the shield you get.

After that, you’ll be able to enter the final room! Pick up the final armour piece.

Miscellaneous Things

Gary is visiting! Check out this post to get his background and stamp.

During the 2012 Medieval Party you can earn nine stamps. (to my knowledge)

  • Noble Knight – Wear a knight costume at the Medieval Party
  • Gary – Be in the same room as Gary
  • Snack Shack – Serve snacks from a booth, using any food emote
  • Snowboarder – Do a snowboard dance at a party
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a room
  • Tree Mob – Get 10 or more friends to dress up as trees
  • Explorer – Visit all the decorated party rooms
  • Party Puzzle – Solve a puzzle at a party
  • Scavenger Hunt – Complete a scavenger hunt
  • Target Champion – Hit 50 targets in a task at a party

How do you like the party? I think it’s great, but wish there was more for nonmembers.

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16 thoughts on “Medieval Party 2012 Guide

  1. No free items for non-member, how rude! They only set the Medieval Party to become the BEST PARTY EVER for Members but not for non-members. What is the free items for in the Knight’s Quest 1. So disappointed. :(

  2. Ok, that noble helmet is a free item for NON MEMBERS ! =D it was just a bug that was not letting non member get that item, its now avaible to everyone :D and its awesome !! xd

  3. Hey Trainman,
    This party is a RIPOFF- CP left ALL the SAME Armor items and the SAME toothbrush pin as last year. I didn’t even have to do the Quest puzzles as ALL the gates were open for me from last year. THIS IS SO CHEAP AND SO WRONG BY CP WHEN WE PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP.
    Looks like they did not give stuff to non-members ppl BUT they did NOT give us PAYING members anything new either. Such a waste of time and money.
    The only COOL thing was G’s room with the telescope, they should put a planet pin there, we DESERVE NEW ITEMS for our PAID MEMBERSHIP. They should have given us new armor and a new pin at the least instead of “YOU ALREADY HAVE THIS ITEM” for SEVEN Old Items from last year IS NOT FAIR.

    • I understand your frustration, but it’s normal for Club Penguin to return items. When there was two knight’s quests they returned the items from the first one. When there was three knight’s quests they returned the items from the second and third one.

      This new one with Scorn, technically quest #4, does have new items. (Skyward Staff and Noble Cape, plus ones you can buy)

    • Thanks. That’s what happens when you copy your own guide from a year ago and don’t proofread it! :P

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