Disney Club Penguin Magazine Sample – Free 500 Coins

On Disney’s website there is a free sneak peek of the current issue! On that page there is a hidden code for 500 coins. You can view the document on their website here.

The code is 3caramel. I will not post the other two codes in this issue because you need to purchase the issue for them. Only because it is on Disney’s website am I posting this one code. Enjoy the free 500 coins!

8 thoughts on “Disney Club Penguin Magazine Sample – Free 500 Coins

  1. You have to admit that you use all the coin codes, because you browse other CP cheats site but you just dont want to post? :P

  2. Hey Trainman,
    Is this the magazine you can only buy in Great Britain?
    When will CP sell this in the US it will be such a huge hit, we want it!

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