Club Penguin Iron Man Costume Artwork

Here is one of Club Penguin’s sketches of a penguin in the Iron Man Costume that will be released next month. With the way the penguin is drawn, maybe it’ll be in a video short? Since they all have that look…

Thanks Pen50gi!

25 thoughts on “Club Penguin Iron Man Costume Artwork

  1. Train, i’ve discovered one bad SOUND bug. Go to the room before the top of the mountain (The room with the pizza and the food on the floor). Stay there for a min, then put your speakers on (DON’T USE HEADPHONES). When the boulder will start to roll on the mountain a kind of high sound will start. You should really check it out.

    • Its not, it just looks that way because of how light the drawing is. Since I am a blogger (but forgot my pass XD), I might as well help out with Trainman and get to some points. If that sounded mean, sorry!

      (THE) Amy 19987

  2. hey trainman, did u knew that non members can fight against the dragon king to earn the dragon king crown pin ? And lol yestersay i met gary in mousquoton allone xd i was the only penguin there , we had lots of fun , gary did a quest with ne :D isnt that awesome :D xd

    and yes that sketch looks like its from a cp short.

    • yeah i watched the movie today and loki is evil and he lets 4 alien robot monsters try to destroy the city and if u saw the movie, there is a part when the hulk joins the other heroes ( he has not transformed to the hulk yet ) and everyone is trying to destroy the alien robot, and then u see him on a bike ( motorbike/bike ? idk how to spell it ) and then he becomes the HULK and he destroys easy that robot.

      SO, i think cp is going to to the same cuz the Dragon kind was a robot to, so i think clubpenguin is using the movie to create the superhero party.

  3. Im a little worried. in every pic ironmans mask is up. i hope it can come down, but not just when u dance. maybe they will make 2 helmets? can someone figure out about the helmet?

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