Club Penguin Blog Featured Fashions: May 18th

Happy77 has published some medieval styles on the Club Penguin Blog once again!

Money977 is ready to defend the island in her elven warrior outfit.

I wonder whose side Evanator116 is on? Ours or Scorn’s?

Malu001 might have some wizardly spells to help us defeat Scorn.

The following page has been updated:

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Featured Fashions: May 18th

  1. Hey Trainman! I found a really weird action glitch on CP. First, wear nothing but the Thunder Blade. Then, put a feet item on and then take it off. Finally, wave. You’ll see two actions at once while wearing Old Blue, and… a Grey Belt? Please give me credit.

  2. hey train new glitch when you open aunt artic background button it tell u undefiend.would you like to bu it for 4980 coins?

  3. hey trainman, today i created a new account ( just for fun ) and when i went to the clubpenguin island ( so first u get a small tutorial ) and then i went to the mountain and i saw i had that quest map :D so then i collected all needed parts for the slingshot and then i defeated the dragon, so actually, this party is also for non member BUT most of the items are for members :D lol i love clubpenguin bugs xd

  4. hey its me , agian xd
    So i logged in a few times and i still have that quest map.
    If u got the quest map as Non-member, then u can enter the member rooms.
    U can start the quest at the entrance of the Mountain ( the room with the free item ” the noble helmet” OR u start you’re quest to defeat the dragon at that entrance at the Sky kindom.

    SO yes i can confirm that due some bugs, this party all party rooms ( exept the member Quests at the plaza ) are for ALL penguins.

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