Unreleased Puffle Hat Pictures

You might recall last month Club Penguin updated the Puffle Item Catalogue with a few new hats and their item file was updated with several other unreleased hats. As noted to me today by Dorian1453 and Saraapril, the images of them now exist in Club Penguin’s Files. You can view the nine hats below. They are watermarked so people that normally take my exclusives like this and claim it as their own can’t.

Jingle Jangle:

Knight Helmet:

Sherwood Hat:

Wizard Hat:

Princess Braid:

Surf Swoop:

Sundae Swirl: (reminds me of Oompa Loompa hair)

All Star Curls:

Shock of Hair:

Unrelated to Puffle Hats, Club Penguin updated their items file. The Arctic White Colour is now listed as exclusive and listing 200 coins.

28 thoughts on “Unreleased Puffle Hat Pictures

  1. Hmmm…. Very Interesting Puffle Hat. But it may be just me, but does the Puffle wearing the hat look grey. I know it’s not a black puffle beacuse it’s smiling. What do you think?

    • I think it’s gray too, just as an example to model the hat. Like in the recent CP magazine issue with the gray penguin wearing the unreleased shirt sneak peek.

  2. It’s gray because CP once said last year that if they use gray it represents all the colors in CP and when they use gray to design items they don’t have to use every single penguin color so they save their time.

  3. HI im a cp blogger,
    can you please send me the original picture without the watermark please. I will promise i will give credit. Send them on (remove).


  4. Something tells me Eric703 is young because when I was younger and had a CP blog, I had no idea what copyrights were and I used images without asking. But, on the bright side of that, the person quit and never knew about me :P. (I did credit them before I quit blogging. Lol)

  5. lol even though u watermark it he still ascted like a snake and posted the same thing without the pics… he can at least give u credit… but if he did than all his posts would give u credit XD but anyways nice work!

  6. The first five hats look like they will be released dreing medival party.shock of hair lolks like halloween and i do not know about the rest

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