Unreleased Puffle Hats

Today when Club Penguin released their new Puffle Food and Hat items, they also added some new unreleased Puffle Hats to their Pet Items file. Unlike my past unreleased Puffle Hat posts I do not have pictures. Maybe they’ll be free items at the Puffle Party?

  • Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat
  • Jingle Jangle Hat
  • Knight Helmet
  • Sherwood Hat
  • Wizard Hat
  • Princess Braid
  • Surf Swoop
  • Sundae Swirl
  • All Star Curls
  • Shock of Hair

12 thoughts on “Unreleased Puffle Hats

  1. Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat
    Jingle Jangle Hat
    Princess Braid
    Sherwood Hat
    Red puffle w/ bandana
    Green puffle w/ bandana
    blue puffle w/ bandana
    Are all part of the new series 12 puffles! Coming June 2012- Saraapril

    • Sorry I was just going down the soon to be released hats..BTW you should really put a copy lock on your pages, like Saraapril has. A lot of websites have been copying stuff, just rewording.

      • I realise I can, and when I first launched Club Penguin Memories I did, but removed it. It just complicates everything, and some people are nice enough to leave credit.

        I can and have sent copyright takedown notices in the past since they are copying my original content. I’ve got everything handled. If you ever come across someone that copied my items you can easily contact me letting me know. :3

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